2018 Final Results

The final results are in! Congrats to all on a fun, competitive series across the New Hampshire clubs. This year saw a new champion in the Gate City Striders, who took home their first series title since 2011 and set a record for most Granite Runners brought for by a single team in one year. Full details listed below:

2018 Final Team Standings:

1. Gate City Striders – 1453
2. Greater Derry Track Club – 1061
3. Upper Valley Running Club – 901
4. Greater Manchester Running Club – 286
5. Millennium Running – 108
6. Runner’s Alley Racing Team – 83
7. Granite State Racing Team – 79
8. Rochester Runners Club – 66
9. Six03 Endurance – 25
10t. White Mountain Milers – 6
10t. Monadnock Regional Milers – 6
12. Coastal Athletic Alliance – 5
13. Acidotic Racing – 4
14. Club Northeast – 2

Age Division Winners:

Male 29 & Under – Jake Wormald (GCS)
Female 29 & Under – Carly Matthews (GCS)
Male 30-39 – Brandyn Naro (GCS)
Female 30-39 – Tivan Casavant (GDTC)
Male 40-49 – James Porter (GMRC)
Female 40-49 – Yuki Chorney (GCS)
Male 50-59 – Brian Ruhm (GCS)
Female 50-59 – Karen Long (GCS)
Male 60-69 – Scott Abercrombie (GDTC)
Female 60-69 – Lynn-Marie Fawcett (GDTC)
Male 70+ – John Lewicke (GCS)
Female 70+ – Elizabeth Gonnerman (UVRC)

Age Graded Top Three:


1. Scott Abercrombie (GDTC)
2. Brian Ruhm (GCS)
3. Trevor Ward (GCS)


1. Elizabeth Gonnerman (UVRC)
2. Karen Long (GCS)
3. Lynn-Marie Fawcett (GDTC)

32 Total Granite Runners!!

Adam Gerhard GCS
Adriana Tyers GCS
Amanda Naro GCS
Amy Doyle GCS
Brandyn Naro GCS
Bridget Callen GCS
Bruce Conti GCS
Carly Matthews GCS
Danielle Ferrucci GCS
Emily Cunha GCS
John Lewicke GCS
John Singelais GCS
Laura Ray GCS
Lin Zhang GCS
Lisa Reilly GCS
Mark Crane GCS
Mark Furler GCS
Megan Hostler GCS
Phil Petschek GCS
Thomas Cantara GCS
Tom Kolb GCS
Trevor Ward GCS
Breanne Piazik GDTC
Colleen Falardeau GDTC
Mike Elliott GDTC
Kathy Denoncour GDTC
Priscilla Camarda GDTC
Tivan Casavant GDTC
Jonathan Alizio MILL
Jim Burnett UVRC
Karen Wright UVRC
Tiffany Currier UVRC

Full results spreadsheet: NHGP-2018-official-8

Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day 5k Results

The results from the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day 5k are in! Lead by overall men’s champion Colin Smith, the Gate City Striders took home their 5th race win of the year, extending their lead to a comfortable 300 points over 2nd place Greater Derry Track Club. Courtney Hawkins won the overall women’s title in 18’38 as Millennium Running placed 5th as a team on the day. Charlie Bemis and Elizabeth Gonnerman brought home the top age-graded performances. With just one race to go, the top teams seem to be ironed out as the Striders look to secure their first Grand Prix title since 2011.

Halfway to St. Pats team scores:

  1. Gate City Striders – 205
  2. Greater Derry Track Club – 183
  3. Upper Valley Running Club – 73
  4. Greater Manchester Running Club – 60
  5. Millennium Running – 31
  6. Runner’s Alley – 18
  7. Six03 Endurance – 1
  8. Acidotic Racing – 1

Enjoy below some race results and coverage courtesy of Millennium Running:

Finish Line Video

Results Spreadsheet updated at our Schedule & Results page

Bill Luti 5 Miler Results

With the conclusion of the 51st Bill Luti 5 Miler, the Gate City Striders have extended their lead in the team standings to a spectacular 283 points. Meanwhile, the Greater Derry Track Club presents a nice showing at the Luti to claim 2nd place from the Upper Valley Running Club. Neal Darmody (25’07) and Emily Durgin (26’50) claim the overall titles. Durgin’s time was one of the fastest 5 milers run on NH soil by an open female, blasting Rachel Schilkowsky’s course record by a minute and eight seconds.

Team Results (Series Totals):

1. Gate City Striders – 158 (924)
2. Greater Derry Track Club – 138 (641)
3. Upper Valley Running Club – 81 (624)
4. Greater Manchester Running Club – 54 (199)
5. Runner’s Alley – 39 (65)
6. Rochester Runners – 34 (46)
7. Millennium Running – 15 (71)
8. Granite State Racing Team – 14 (76)
9. Monadnock Regional Milers – 3 (6)
10. Acidotic Racing – 3 (3)

Race Results (Granite State Race Services)

Capital City Classic 10k Final Scores

Photo credit: Granite State Race Services

Final results are in for the 2018 Capital City Classic! The series leading Gate City Striders ran the show yet again, bringing home six division winners and nearly doubling the score of their nearest competitor in the team category. Neal Darmody (32’50) and Erin Lane (36’45) claimed the overall individual titles. Team scores summarized below:

  1. Gate City Striders – 176 (766 total series points)
  2. Upper Valley Running Club – 90 (543)
  3. Greater Derry Track Club – 89 (503)
  4. Greater Manchester Running Club – 51 (145)
  5. Granite State Racing Team – 34 (62)
  6. Runner’s Alley – 26 (26)
  7. Millennium Running – 13 (56)
  8. Rochester Runners – 11 (12)
  9. Six03 Endurance – 8 (11)
  10. White Mountain Milers – 6 (6)
  11. Coastal Athletic Alliance – 5 (5)

Full results with photos (courtesy Granite State Race Services)

Gate City Reclaims Series Lead in Nashua

Photo credit: Jim Rhoades

The Gate City Striders utilized their home road advantage well this past Sunday as they raced their way back to a series lead. Lead by WPI alum Austin Scott, the striders amassed a spectacular 225 team points on the day, outdistancing their nearest competitors by 88 points. Women’s winner Bess Ritter and her Upper Valley Running Club teammates claimed that runner up spot with a 138 point total while defending champion Greater Derry Track Club finished 3rd with 122. Age graded top honors went to Rich Smith (UVRC) and Lynn Fawcett (GDTC).

Team stangings after two races:

Gate City Striders – 388
Upper Valley Running Club – 365
Greater Derry Track Club – 257
Greater Manchester Running Club – 37
Granite State Racing Team – 22
Millennium Running – 18
Monadnock Regional Milers – 3
SIX03 Endurance – 3
Club Northeast – 2
Rochester Runners – 1

Enjoy full results and photos by clicking on the links below:

Results courtesy of Granite State Race Services
Photos (Granite State Race Services)
More Photos (Jim Rhoades)

NH Grand Prix action resumes at the Windham Rail Trail Alliance 5k on Sunday, June 10th. See you all there!

Greater Derry Holds On for 5th NHGP Title

Series champs GDTC at the Granite 10 Miler. Photo credit: Amy Crowley

With the conclusion of the Granite 10 Miler, the Greater Derry Track Club has officially captured the 2017 Grand Prix Team Title. The Gate City Striders were the top club the 10 Miler, but GDTC was able to hold onto their lead and win the series. What a great battle between those top two teams all year long!

Final Standings:

1. Greater Derry Track Club – 1313
2. Gate City Striders – 1285
3. Upper Valley Running Club – 941
4. SIX03 Endurance – 207
5. Millennium Running – 107
6. Rochester Runners NH – 103
7. Granite State Racing Team – 102
8. White Mountain Milers – 65
9. Athletic Alliance Running Club – 35
10. acidotic RACING – 23
11. Coastal Athletic Alliance – 22
12. Monadnock Regional Milers – 13

Congrats to everyone on a fantastic year of racing. We hope you enjoyed this year’s slate. Stay tuned for more details regarding individual/age group awards and Granite Runner prizes.

Granite 10 Miler results courtesy Granite State Race Services

Photos courtesy Granite 10 Mile Race Crew

Mike Giberti’s on-course race video below:

Greater Derry with Sensational Team Showing at St. Charles

The Greater Derry Track Club gathered their forces and executed a big late season team performance to close the gap and take command of the series. Collectively, the GDTC scored 222 team points to best rival team Gate City’s 167 total by 55 points. That is enough to open up a 33 point series lead going into the final event. Individually, UNH standout Kevin Greene and Cornell alum Corey Dowe raced to the individual titles in 15’13 and 18’05 respectively.

  1. Greater Derry Track Club – 222 (1144)
  2. Gate City Striders – 167 (1111)
  3. Upper Valley Running Club – 102 (840)
  4. Rochester Runners – 20 (89)
  5. Six03 Endurance – 18 (198)
  6. Coastal Athletic Alliance – 16 (22)
  7. White Mountain Milers – 12 (55)
  8. Athletic Alliance Running Club – 11 (31)

Results via Granite State Race Services

Photos via Maine Running Photos

The series finale is the Granite State 10 Miler in Concord on October 22. It’s going to be an exciting finish!


Upper Valley Top Team in Canaan

The 2017 NH Grand Prix took a trip to the northwestern part of the state last Sunday as NH club members competed in the Canaan Police Run From the Law. Crisp conditions and a flat course lead to some solid summer 5k times as Steve Hammar (GCS) and Lorna Young (UVRC) took the overall titles in 15’54 and 18’01 respectively. On the team side of things, it was the Upper Valley Running Club who defended their home turf, scoring 186 points for the win. The Greater Derry Track Club rolled up 2nd with 160 while series-leading Gate City finished a close third, racking up 157 team points. Rob Edson (UVRC) and Pam Moore (UVRC) won the age-graded titles on the day.

Team Totals after six events:

  1. Gate City Striders – 944
  2. Greater Derry Track Club – 922
  3. Upper Valley Running Club – 738
  4. SIX03 Endurance – 180
  5. Millennium Running – 107
  6. Rochester Runners Club – 69
  7. Granite State Racing Team – 68
  8. White Mountain Milers – 43
  9. Athletic Alliance Running Club – 20
  10. Monadnock Regional Milers – 13
  11. Acidotic Racing – 9
  12. Coastal Athletic Alliance – 6

Next in line is the St. Charles Children’s Home 5k in Portsmouth on Labor Day morning, Sept. 4th.

50th Bill Luti Race Draws a Crowd

Cool conditions made for a stellar day of racing in Concord for the 50th Annual Bill Luti 5 Miler. Individually, AIC alum Glarius Rop and New England Distance ace Rachel Schilkowsky took home the wins in 25’34 and 27’56 respectively. Rachel’s time bested Heidi Westover’s course record by 25 seconds. On the team side of things, Greater Derry won with a total score of 173, shrinking Gate City’s series lead down to 25 points.

Greater Derry Track Club – 173
Gate City Striders – 143
Upper Valley Running Club – 135
Granite State Racing Team – 49
Rochester Runners NH – 43
Millennium Running – 29
SIX03 Endurance – 20
Monadnock Regional Milers – 6
Athletic Alliance Running Club – 5
Acidotic Racing – 5
Coastal Athletic Alliance – 1

Also, congrats to all NHGP Age division individual winners:

29 & Under: Jake Wormald (GCS) and Lorna Young (UVRC)
30-39: Derrick Hamel (SIX03) and Mary Klene (MILL)
40-49: Rich Smith (UVRC) and Cindy Edson (UVRC)
50-59: Rob Edson (UVRC) and Gini Nichols (GDTC)
60-69: John Tuttle (RR) and Lynn Fawcett (GDTC)
70+: Ken Houle (RR) and Betsy Gonnerman (UVRC)

Results courtesy of Granite State Race Services

Finish video and course preview via Mike Giberti

Next on the schedule is the Canaan Police Run from the Law 5k on August 6th. See you all in the Upper Valley!

Red’s Race Attracts Huge Grand Prix Turnout


The 2nd race in the 2017 NH Grand Prix took place last Sunday with the Red’s Race for a Better Community. 667 finishers crowded the streets of Dover with 190 of those finishers representing NH Grand Prix clubs. The top two overall finishers from the first series race would repeat as the 1, 2 at Red’s, but in reverse order. It was Gate City’s Steve Hammar who bested the field with his time of 26’16 while GCS (and high school) teammate Jake Wormald finished 2nd in 26’45. Mary Peters of the Upper Valley Running Club crossed the line first for the women in a speedy 31’28 with 51 year old Lisa Miller traveling from Pacific Grove, CA to grab the silver medal in 31’56.

On the team side of things, the Greater Derry Track Club prevailed over the Gate City Striders by a slight margin, accumulating a total of 152 point on the day. Gate City’s 142 was enough to hold their staple on the series lead so far. Upper Valley placed 3rd with 122 points for the race and a total of 213 over the first two races while hometown club Six03 Endurance posted their largest series presence so far, placing 4th with 114 points.

Team standings for Red’s Race:

  1. Greater Derry Track Club – 152
  2. Gate City Striders – 142
  3. Upper Valley Running Club – 122
  4. Six03 Endurance – 114
  5. Rochester Runners – 18
  6. White Mountain Milers – 10
  7. Granite State Racing Team – 8
  8. Millennium Running – 7
  9. Athletic Alliance Running Club – 4

Check out some race media below:

Photos (Maine Running Photos)

Article (Seacoast Online)

Video (Level Renner)