Greater Derry Track Club Regains the Series Lead

After the conclusion of the Sandown Old Home Days 5 Miler, the Greater Derry Track Club managed to take over the 2013 NHGP Series Lead. It’s still a close fight with Gate City with two races to go. Here are the scores:

NHGP Race #5 Final Scores:

  1. Greater Derry Track Club – 173
  2. Gate City Striders – 121
  3. Granite State Racing Team – 61
  4. Athletic Alliance Running Club – 15
  5. Upper Valley Running Club – 14
  6. Rochester Runners – 8

2013 Series Totals:

  1. Greater Derry Track Club – 764
  2. Gate City Striders – 715
  3. Upper Valley Running Club – 341
  4. Granite State Racing Team – 302
  5. Rochester Runners – 80
  6. Athletic Alliance Running Club – 66
  7. Coastal Athletic Alliance – 1

Patrick Connelly and Lynn Fawcett of GDTC still lead the age-graded standings.

Potential Granite Runner Status

Every year, the New Hampshire Grand Prix recognizes all of the runners who participated in every race in the series that season with what is called “Granite Runner” status. A commemorative t-shirt is usually awarded to those individuals at the end of the year or early the following year. This year however, the prize is rumored to be a hooded sweatshirt. The following people have completed every race in the 2013 Grand Prix thus far and are eligible to become Granite Runners if they participate in the remaining three events:

From the Gate City Striders:

  • Bob Thompson
  • Brandyn Naro
  • Bruce Conti
  • Emily Soucy
  • Jim Long
  • Justin Soucy
  • Lisa Klasman
  • Shannen Arsenault
  • Stephen Rouleau
  • Suzanne Barker
  • Tom Kolb

From the Greater Derry Track Club:

  • Bob Dolan
  • Bonney Cashin
  • Brenda Coyle
  • Brian Coyle
  • Carolyn Morgenstern
  • Caryn Pepin
  • Jim Peters
  • John McGarry
  • Patrick Connelly
  • Regan Coyle
  • Robert Parent
  • Scott Abercrombie
  • Sean Coyle

From the Upper Valley Running Club:

  • Cindy Edson
  • Geoff Dunbar

From the Granite State Racing Team:

  • Clifford Smith
  • Hazel Johnstone
  • Kathy Baril

If you have any questions or corrections to this list, please email the scorekeeper at