Epsom OHD 4 Mile a Record-Breaking Show

The Epsom Old Home Days 4 Miler was a great day of racing for the 5th installment of this years Grand Prix. This past Sunday, UVRC’s Alex Hall continued his dominant NHGP tear with his third victory this year in 21’36”. Amy Bernard represented the Greater Derry Track Club with a top finish in a stellar time of 24’22”. As far as the scores go, there was a little bit of a delay getting them out since they had to be done by hand, but the Greater Derry Track Club extended their series lead over Gate City by another 26 points. In the age graded category, Rob Edson (UVRC) and Lynn Fawcett (GDTC) extended their already secure leads in the category. Full team results below:

  • Greater Derry Track Club – 166
  • Gate City Striders – 140
  • Upper Valley Running Club – 36
  • Rochester Runners – 24
  • Granite State Racing Team – 22
  • Athletic Alliance Running Club – 4

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Visit our Schedule and Results page for series totals thus far. GDTC holds a 34 point staple on the series after five contests.