Granite Runner Eligibility

There are currently 30 athletes who have finished all of the first four events and are eligible for the Granite Runner prize going into the 2nd half of the series. The names are below. If you believe you have completed the first four events and your name is missing from this list, please email the scorekeeper ( for verification.

Amanda Naro GCS
Ken Forrence GCS
Nick Forrence GCS
Ken Snow GCS
Luann Laquerre GCS
Mark Furler GCS
Tom Kolb GCS
Amanda Blanchard GDTC
Brenda Coyle GDTC
Brian Ki GDTC
Carolyn Morgenstern GDTC
Caryn Pepin GDTC
Colleen Falardeau GDTC
Eddie Clements GDTC
Erik Dodge GDTC
Gary See GDTC
Joe Di Mattina GDTC
Michael Elliott GDTC
Regan Coyle GDTC
Scott Abercrombie GDTC
Sean Coyle GDTC
Andrea Resende SIX03
Cara Baskin UVRC
Cindy Edson UVRC
Ellen Chandler UVRC
Gunner Currier UVRC
Jim Burnett UVRC
Kevin Hartstein UVRC
Mary Mancuso UVRC
Rob Daniels UVRC
Rob Edson UVRC

For more info on the series results, please visit our schedule & results page and download the detailed results spreadsheet.

Upper Valley Opens Up Significant Gap at Skip’s Run


The final results are in and after four races, the Upper Valley Running Club holds a comfortable 300 point lead on the team standings. The Wooly Syrup Chuggers have accumulated a total of 812 points at the halfway mark in the series. Greater Derry and Gate City have established themselves as clear 2nd and 3rd place teams, with 512 and 352 team points respectively. Josh Fontaine and Lydia Gill captured the overall individual crowns. The results for race four along with grand totals are below:

  • Upper Valley Running Club – 218 (812)
  • Greater Derry Track Club – 106 (512)
  • Gate City Striders – 64 (352)
  • Granite State Racing Team – 8 (68)
  • Six03 Endurance – 5 (102)
  • Rochester Runners – 4 (14)
  • Millennium Running – 0 (96)
  • acidotic Racing – 0 (12)
  • Coastal Athletic Alliance – 0 (11)