Scoring After Luti

Gate City has a commanding lead after the first 2 races in the series:

Track 5KLutiSandownRT 10KManch HalfTotal

Results for the Track 5K:

Results for the Bill Luti 5M:

Check the scoring spreadsheet for full results including individual scoring:

Corrections due by Wednesday, August 4.

Bill Luti 5M Saturday

The next race in the NHGP is Saturday, the Bill Luti 5M in Concord NH!

Also a minor clarification; Bill Luti has a virtual option for 2021, but the NHGP requires that you run the in-person race for scoring purposes. Contact your club representative if you have any questions.

Virtual Track 5K

The virtual track 5K (or 5000m) registration system is up:

Rules from the site:

In order to participate you must be a current member of a NH Grand Prix Club
Run 5,000m (12.5 laps) on the track any time between May 1st and July 1st
Submit your time via the link provided in your confirmation email
You may run the 5,000m as many times as you like over the two month period
You must have separate registrations for each result submission
Each submitted time will display on Leaderboard as long as you submit using unique registrations
Your best time will be used as a part of the scored 2021 NH Grand Prix Series

So, get to running!

2021 Series

The NHGP clubs met last night and agreed to put on a shortened series, summer/fall for 2021. The series is:

  • Virtual Track 5K – Any track, May 1 through July 1st.
  • Bill Luti 5M – Concord, NH, July 17.
  • Sandown 5M – Sandown, NH, August 7.
  • Rail Trail 10K – Lebanon, NH. September, date TBD.
  • Manchester Half Marathon – Manchester, NH, November 7.

The NHGP clubs have agreed to adopt a new scoring system on a provisional basis for 2021. The system is designed to encourage more NH clubs to participate in the series, and to be more inclusive to _all_ club runners.

In the next week the website will be updated with the series and details of the provisional scoring system.

2020 NHGP Cancelled

I’m sorry to report that the 2020 NHGP is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact your club representative if you have any questions. Here’s looking forward to a successful 2021 NHGP!

2020 Series On Hold

The 2020 NHGP is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re waiting for news on what fall road races are going to do before making any decisions on what to do for 2020. Contact your club NHGP rep if you have any questions.

2020 NHGP Schedule

Some changes to the NHGP this year, stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, here is the (now shorter) race schedule for 2020.

  1. Shamrock Shuffle 5K, Lebanon (March 14)
  2. Soup Kitchen 5K, Nashua (April 5)
  3. Capital City 10K, Concord (June 27)
  4. Sandown 5 Miler, Sandown (August 8)
  5. New England 1/2 Marathon, Hopkinton to Concord (October 11)

(Update 1/14/2020 – Fix a couple of race dates)

(Update 2/14/2020 – NE Half starts in Hopkinton now)