The New Hampshire Grand Prix is an annual road running racing series for the running clubs of New Hampshire. Clubs compete against each other in a series of road races spread through the racing season. In addition, runners who complete every race in the series in a given year are granted the coveted “Granite Runner” status.

NHGP races are road races open to the public; however, to compete in the series, a runner must belong to one of the RRCA or USATF New Hampshire clubs. For a list of current participating clubs see Clubs.

The schedule for the current year, and any results for the current series, can be found here: Schedule and Results

See Rules for a list of the current rules of the series.

As of 02/09/2024, the current list of contacts for the series is:

  • Mark Furler (Gate City Striders)
  • Christy Kervin (Gate City Striders)
  • Johanna Newbold (Gate City Striders)
  • Brandyn Naro (Gate City Striders)
  • Bruce Conti (Gate City Striders)
  • Kirsten Kortz (Greater Derry Track Club)
  • John McGarry (Greater Derry Track Club)
  • Jimmy Aiken (Greater Derry Track Club, Scorekeeper)
  • Geoff Dunbar (Upper Valley Running Club)
  • Tiff Currier (Upper Valley Running Club)
  • Krissy Flythe (Upper Valley Running Club)
  • Jim Westrich (Upper Valley Running Club)
  • Robert Jones (Upper Valley Running Club)
  • Don Yeaton (Rochester Runners)
  • Thom Flynn (Rochester Runners)
  • Jim Monahan (Granite State Racing Team)
  • Julianne Gadoury (Granite State Racing Team)
  • Jim Johnson (White Mountain Milers)
  • Steve Dowling (White Mountain Milers)
  • John Mortimer (Millennium Running, Treasurer)
  • Jen Mortimer (Millennium Running)
  • Tom Hooper (Six03 Endurance)
  • Chris Dunn (acidotic Racing)
  • Muriel Saliba (Greater Manchester Running Club)
  • Kathleen Jaworski (Greater Manchester Running Club)
  • James Porter (Greater Manchester Running Club)